Saturday, June 18, 2016

"HD Digital Vinyl" - WHAT A LOAD OF $#IT !!! (attempt at vinyl industry coup)

Here we have an article broken by digital music news, heralding the wonders of "HD Vinyl" technology. This is another example of people who are oblivious to the important, long standing heritage of disc recorders, and love to smile in crisp sweaters for selfies sporting their record players. Another attempt to cut jobs for lathe cutters and kill analog technology even further. The most embarrassing part of this article is where the writer starts talking about the "ANTIQUATED TECHNOLOGY" used in the TIME-CONSUMING process (I pity this guy. seriously)

The Time-consuming, antiquated process IS THE VINYL RESURGENCE!!!!!!!!!!

Vinyl and disc recording is cool cause it is antiquated. 

Everyone wants to scream about vintage gear but then this shit? 

This is Silicon Valley reaching their sick little fingers into our market.

It's not vintage, and it's not analog. I could go on forever about this crap. Disc recording involves CUTTING DISCS !!! It's what we do! Let us do our job ! Is nothing sacred to these people?!